Venpay and Digisoft bring the Industry 4.0 in Vending services

Milan 5th June 2018 – Transforming the 900.000 vending machines present in the italian market  into intelligent machines and making them eligible assets for the iperamortization, has become a reality thanks to a kit projected by BitX (property mark of Venpay Spa) and interconnected to the vending machines through Vega VMS, the ERP by Digisoft Spa.

It takes only a few minutes, the time to install a vending box equipped with a SIM card and Cisco Jasper® technology and a vending machine is ready to become an interconnected automated warehouse, complying with the requirements of the national plan “Impresa 4.0” detailed in the circular of the Ministry of Economic Development no. 177355 on 23rd May 2018.

The BitX kit permits the licence to Coffee cApp, the smartphone app dedicated, through which it is possible to manage promos, social dynamics and special menu.

The interconnection among all vending machines, created through the combination: vending box, Digisoft – Vega VMS and Coffee cApp services, is a system present today on more than 15 thousands vending machines in Italy and one of the “big four” of the international accounting auditing, besides certifying it, it has made it a case study for the industry 4.0 support.

The BitX kit and the hardware distribution in collaboration with Digisoft, will be presented at the Venpay stand (Fieramilanocity – Pav. 4 – D27/E20), during Venditalia 2018, the main international event of the vending sector, scheduled from 6th to 9th June 2018.

Venpay Spa is today one of the main italian operators to offer telemetry systems and to manage payment systems in the vending sector.The company controls Coin Service, leader in Italy in the services of collection, transport and counting of the cash coming from the vending machines.

In 2017 Venpay took over the brands BitX e Moneytor, merging the best competencies and abilities present in Italy, to create the first italian provider of telemetry and payment systems oriented to the vending sector.

Digisoft SpA is a company which has been operating in the world of Vending for more than 20 years, born to meet a market demand: creating a software studied specifically to manage the companies of the sector.

After many years of on-field experience and cutting edge test in the computerization of the managing companies, Digisoft SpA, today, is a cardinal interlocutor of the market, and it doesn’t introduces itself only as an IT company anymore, but rather as a partner able to support its customers in the research of the improvement of their processes and performances, having enlarged considerably over the years the area of action of our specialists in the potential offer to the sector.

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