The Evoca Group and DIGISOFT S.p.A announce that the Necta, Saeco, Ducale and Wittenborg vending machines will be integrated with the Vega VMS software suite.

In the international Frame of Venditalia, the EVOCA GROUP, a global leader in the market of coffee vending machines, hot drinks and snacks, as well as a leading actor in the Ho.Re.Ca & OCS, and DIGISOFT S.p.A,  Software House dedicated to the Vending Business present in over 20 countries and  serving 450 Vending Companies, has announced that vending machines under the brands Necta, Saeco, Ducale and Wittenborgproduced by EVOCA, equipped with the industry leader real-time telemetry system – Televend Smart Vending® produced by Intis, are integrated with the Vega VMS Suite software .

This implies the possibility to interact with the vending machines in real time, with interesting scenarios perfectly aligned to the spirit of “ Industry 4.0 “. 

In particular, all events and sales of the Vending Machines are transferred through the Televend box to Vega VMS and integrated into the data structure and business processes.

EVOCA Group confirms its technological vocation and its undisputed leadership in the market and Digisoft, its ability to respond immediately to the needs of the Vending market, both anticipating the times and moving firmly towards ” Smart Vending “.

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