Coordinated EU plan on artificial intelligence


Here are all the details on the action plan of the 28 member states on AI development: countless public and private investments

On 7 December, the European Commission presented the EU Coordinated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Plan, foreseen by the “Artificial Intelligence Declaration of Cooperation” signed by 25 EU Member States and Norway on 10 April. A law that affects all operators in the sector including Digisoft, engaged in the development and management of solutions related to the vending field and application of the AI: as in the case of Vega Optima.

The EU plan

Following the methodology adopted with the “Digitising European Industry” plan, from which the various national initiatives on Industry 4.0 are derived, the Commission now intends to define the objectives to be achieved in the field of AI in Europe, indicating possible measures to be taken at national level and investment levels to be achieved. In this way, the Commission aims to encourage the implementation of 27 national IA strategies in the Member States and to guide their coordination at European level.

The objectives

The objectives of the Plan are:
maximize the benefits of AI for all European citizens and businesses;
encourage synergies and cooperation across the EU on ethics and good practice;
• collectively define the path to be taken to enable the EU to compete globally;
reduce the gap in digital skills and support training in the AI;
• set up a common European data space for the development of new data-based products and services;

To achieve these objectives, the Commission commits itself to work with Member States on a range of complementary actions on a EU, national and regional levels.

A multi-annual framework

With regard to the instruments, in the context of the next Multi-annual Financial Framework, the Commission proposes to dedicate at least one billion Euros a year to the AI through Horizon Europe and 2.5 billion through the Digital Europe program for the period 2021-27.

The adoption of AI in Europe will be supported through European centers of excellence in the field and the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) network. Finally, it is recalled that the Commission is working with a group of high-level experts to develop IA ethics guidelines. This may also indicate the priority areas to be considered to enhance the development of this technology in Europe.

For more information on the legislation go to the official press release of the European Union.

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