Vega VMS ERP for Vending Business


Vega VMS is a strengthened and independent vertical ERP for the world of vending and coee business. Present in the market for more than 30 years, it serves more than 450 customers worldwide. The business model adopted by Vega VMS guarantees an express ROI thanks to the optimization of the typical business processes and the total coverage of all peculiar market functionalities.


  • Modular and flexible
  • Totally settable
  • It covers all business models of the sector (Vending – Selling – OCS – Water coolers etc)
  • Interfaced with all VM communication protocols
  • Interfaced with all the telemetry systems
  • Executive – MDB compliant

“ The system proposed by
Digisoft is an essential
support for the
supervision and the
business processes of our

Antonio Tartaro – Co-Ceo Ivs Group

Managing all your Vending business process with one,
integrated and independent system: Vega VMS

Sala Regia A.R.D Ivs Italia. Area Nord Est

One of the greatest challenges in
Vending is the management of the data
collected on the field and their use as a
support to the decisions.
The activities of merchandisers,
technicians, commercials,
warehousemen and all the info gained
from installed V.M. represent a complex
combination of data which Vega VMS is
able to supervise, validate, manage and
structure in KPI and supports to the
at all organizational levels.

Why is Vega VMS so special:
It is an international software used at an Enterprise level, translated in 12
languages, modulabile and settable
It is a product thought and developed in more than 30 years exclusively
for the world of Vending
It is independent and interfaced with all the models of business o line, on
line with sales streaming or EVA-DTS guaranteeing the total management
of a mixed and not technologically aligned machine park
It is a product which balances the data in a unique repository, avoiding
duplications, divergences and manipulations
It is future proof, as it is possible to connect modems and telemetry
systems, as well as APPs and digital wallets, independently from the brand
or the adopted technology
It is a solution which allows to set any kind of billing rule, based on
counters, audits, rents, products sale…
It is a strengthened, trustworthy and certified product by the constant
usage in more than 450 Vending company

Some of the covered areas:
Logistics and installed machine
Invoicing – Collections
CRM and oering
Production, assembly and set
up – External merch. activity
Tour management and
optimization – Task
management and optimization –
Quality assurance and
complaints management
Vehicles management