• A high level solution to grow professionalism for smaller businesses 
  • Dedicated technical support
  • No hardware investments needed on the customer’s end 
  • Automatic updates – increasing the ease of maintenance  
  • User friendly

Complementary services 

  • Produce barcodes machine registration 
  • Data import service for the creation of customer database  
  • Supply periodic system progress analysis, sent directly via email in PDF format 
  • Provide mini consulting services for specific activities / functions 
  • Formal operative training through with scheduled courses

Functionality of the solution

VEGALITE is the VEGA VMS software but structured as SaaS (software as a service), scaled to manage from 40,000 to 180,000 dispenses/month and includes the following base functionality: 

  • Manage customer information
  • Manage vending machine information
  • Manage point of sale information
  • Manage machine refills
  • Invoicing (from both the office and handheld device)
  • Van loading
  • Manage warehouses and shipping documents
  • Manage cash counting and audits
  • Manage any and all types of sales/dispensing (Vending, pods/capsules, water jugs, subsidies and rebates)
  • Standardized statistics and analysis that is easy to understand
The program is accessible via personal computer using a terminal connection, from any type of PC and with any operating system.
Security is guaranteed by a double password which is modifiable by the user and the vega schema ownership, and windows server for remote access.

Modifications / Add-ons

  • Extension packages for additional modules (operator routing – calls – technical interventions/maintenance) 
  • Purchase a standard license for VegaVMS standard (built based on modules requested) 
  • Handheld modification (up to a maximum of 4 handheld devices)

Installation includes:

  • A Vega schema reserved for and owned by the client
  • A windows server dedicated to the client for remote access and to manage data synchronizations and transfers 
  • A firewall / access point to create a secure connection and for handheld synchronization. 

The base price includes the management of up to 4 handheld devices for refill activities and eventual use of the maintenance module. 

The handhelds, based on the settings, can use portable fiscal printers to issue sales documents.





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